Brokering & Commission

To carry on the business as commission aget, brokers, buyers, sellers, dealers, stockists, authorised representatives or deals in any way in all types of shares and securities, Guarantee house, Shares and Securities and trading activities in all types of shares businesses in India and Abroad act as share broker, sub-broker, financial and investment consultant and to carry on the business of investment and to apply or otherwise obtain the membership of any stock exchange and to carry on the bussiness of merchant in all the aspects, to act as a manager, brokers, underwriters, portfolio managers, registrar for all kind of issue of capital including shares, stocks debentures, bonds and tender custodian services to Indian and Foreign institutions, Individuals to India and Abroad.

To act as financial analyst and portfolio managers for Indian and Non-Residents Indian Clients/funds and to buy, underwrite, hold to sell shares, stocks debentures, debentures stock, bonds, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any Government state, dominions, sovereign, rulers, commissioners, public body or authority, supreme, municipal, local or other fim or person, whether in India or elsewhere.